CoolSculpting Brisbane

“Freeze your fat away to reveal a new sculpted you! No surgery, no injections and no downtime!”

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 non-invasive, non-surgical method of permanent fat removal. Using an advanced, patented cryolipolysis technology, stubborn pockets of fat can be frozen and permanently reduced in as little as 35 minutes. No injections, no surgery, no downtime!

Elysium Skin Centre was the first CoolSculpting clinic in Brisbane to offer the CoolAdvantage Plus applicators allowing us to freeze double the area in almost half the time and with greater comfort. We have a purpose built, private CoolSculpting Suite complete with 70 inch TV, Netflix and high-speed internet access so you can sit back and relax, watch a movie, listen to music or catch up on emails while we work on contouring your body. How cool is that?

Benefits Of CoolSculpting Brisbane

CoolSculpting is a proven fat reduction procedure that produces permanent results. It is so easy and pain-free, most of us here at Elysium Skin Centre have had it! The main benefits of fat freezing with CoolSculpting include:

  • No injections, no surgery, no downtime
  • World’s #1 fat freezing procedure to remove stubborn fat
  • Over 8 million treatments performed world-wide
  • Suitable for tummy, muffin tops, love handles, bra bulges, back, inner and outer thighs, saddle bags, banana rolls, double chin and flanks.
  • CoolSculpting works in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise
  • Each cycle takes only 35-50 minutes (depending on applicator type)
  • New CoolAdvantage applicators at Brisbane’s Elysium Skin Centre halve the time, increase the treated area and are more comfortable than the traditional CoolSculpting applicators found elsewhere

Target Areas For Fat Freezing

CoolSculpting is available for targeted fat reduction in a range of areas including:

  • Stomach
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Hips/love handles
  • Upper arms
  • Knees
  • Underneath buttocks
  • Under bra bulge
  • Back
  • Double chin

What Is CoolSculpting Mini?

For more delicate treatment areas such as the double chin, we use a smaller applicator called the CoolSculpting Mini. This allows us to target smaller areas and spot reduce fat by contouring around the curves of your jawline and neck. The Coolsculpting Mini treatment is ideal for stubborn areas such as the double chin, where fat deposits collect and cannot be easily shed with exercise and general weight loss. By fat freezing these pockets, the fat will naturally dissolve within 3 weeks and leave you with a beautifully contoured facial profile.

Why choose Elysium Skin Centre for your CoolSculpting procedure?

Elysium Skin Centre has the latest CoolSculpting technology – CoolAdvantage. These applicators treat a larger area of skin in almost half the time of the traditional applicators, and with significantly improved comfort.

At Elysium Skin Centre Brisbane, we don’t charge you extra for better technology. We provide CoolAdvantage at the same price as traditional CoolSculpting treatments.

Our staff (Nurse Fay, CoolSculpting therapists Whitney and Keren) are thoroughly trained and experienced in the CoolSculpting procedure, and will monitor your progress during and after the treatment.

Our Brisbane CoolSculpting Suite is set up specifically for your comfort with soft lighting, 70 inch TV and high-speed internet access. Enjoy a range of teas and coffees while you simply sit back and relax.

We have a full range of CoolAdvantage applicators to suit all shapes, sizes and curves, allowing us to specifically tailor your treatment.

Brisbane’s Most Luxurious Fat Freezing Treatment

Our Brisbane CoolSculpting Suite is set up specifically for your comfort with soft lighting, 70 inch TV and high-speed internet access. Enjoy a range of teas and coffees while you simply sit back and relax.

We have a full range of CoolAdvantage applicators to suit all shapes, sizes and curves, allowing us to specifically tailor your treatment.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Your treatment will use a patented cooling process to target fat cells within the subcutaneous tissue. Gentle suction draws excess fat bulges into the applicator which then precisely cools and monitors the tissue for about 35-50 minutes depending on the area treated. Ironically, fat cells are far more susceptible to cold than skin and muscle cells. When they are frozen the fat cells die and are then naturally removed from the body. The CoolSculpting computer system monitors the process ensuring that the surrounding skin is protected.

CoolSculpting Process

You will have an initial complimentary assessment with either Nurse Fay or our therapist Whitney to discuss the procedure and assess whether it is suitable for you. If you are a suitable candidate the areas to be treated will be photographed allowing us to discuss expectations and monitor results.

On the treatment day the areas to be treated will be accurately marked out. You will be positioned on our comfortable treatment bed, and the appropriate applicator will be placed over the treatment area. Gentle suction draws the fat bulge into the handpiece and the freezing process will commence. You are then free to relax for the next 35-50 minutes until the treatment ends. Once finished, the applicator is removed from the region and it is massaged for about 2-3 minutes. Multiple areas can be treated one after the other during the same session. Many of our patients decide to have multiple areas treated in the one day, over a period of 2-4 hours

Who Can Get CoolSculpting?

With the new 360-degree cooling cup applicators, the ideal candidates are those with a BMI of 30 or less.

Common areas of stubborn fat are the tummy, love handles, flanks, inner thighs, bra bulges and under the chin. The procedure is suitable for all ages but works best on those between the ages of 25 and 60.

CoolSculpting is NOT a weight loss procedure. It is designed to remove specific areas of fat, making you look slimmer and fit your clothes better.

During your initial complimentary consultation our staff will assess whether this procedure is suitable for you.

CoolSculpting Before & After Gallery

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

The cost depends on the area to be treated, the type of applicator used and the total number of “cycles” purchased. We have the latest technology (CoolAdvantage, CoolPetite and CoolAdvantage Plus) which treats a larger area of fat in almost half the time and at a greater degree of comfort than older machines. We charge approximately the same price per cycle as the older technology. Call (07) 3214 1400 to arrange a complimentary consultation with Fay or Whitney where your needs will be assessed and an accurate quote can be provided.

CoolSculpting FAQs

What does CoolSculpting feel like? / Does Coolsculpting hurt?

Most of us at Elysium have tried the CoolSculpting procedure (some of us more than others!!). The majority of clients find this a very tolerable, even comfortable procedure. Most clients will spend the time reading, watching a movie, listening to music, catching up on emails or even taking a nap.

When the handpiece is first applied there is the sensation of sucking and pressure on the skin, then a cold sensation as the cooling process commences. There may be some discomfort for a few minutes (like ice on your skin) while the body adjusts to the temperature, but this usually dissipates as the area becomes numb and you can sit or lie comfortably during the procedure.

After the procedure there may be some tenderness and tingling while we massage the area.

You can usually return to work and normal activities immediately.

Note for double chin treatment: CoolSculpting mini is a very successful and economical method for treating a double chin. The mini applicator, however, is not suitable for everyone, and some patients with claustrophobia do not tolerate the treatment well (the applicator is strapped to the neck, and the head is strapped to the bed to prevent movement and dislodging of the handpiece). This will be discussed with you during the consultation process.

Is there any downtime after fat freezing?

No! Unlike liposuction, this is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. Most patients return to their normal activities (including exercise) immediately. Sometimes there is residual numbness and tenderness, and occasionally some bruising, however, this does not normally interfere with everyday activities.

How long does each CoolSculpting treatment take?

At Elysium Skin Centre we have the latest CoolSculpting technology – CoolAdvantage. These new applicators treat a larger area of fat in almost half the time (average 35 minutes per cycle) and with significantly more comfort (on average 45% improved comfort compared with the older applicators).
During your consultation we will discuss with you how many treatment cycles will be required to treat the areas you wish to be reduced. The total treatment time depends on the number of cycles required. These can be performed during the one session or can be spaced out to suit your needs.

When will I see results?

The majority of patients see a noticeable and measurable reduction in fat deposits after only one treatment to the region. Some patients see improvement occurring after just 3 weeks, however, results usually become most noticeable after 2-3 months and continue to improve for up to 5-6 months as the body continues to remove the dead fat cells.

Results do vary from patient to patient and our staff will give you a realistic assessment during your initial consultation.

As with all procedures, additional treatment cycles may improve the results and can be tailored during a follow-up consultation at 3 months.

How long do CoolSculpting results last for?

CoolSculpting permanently removes fat cells. If steady weight is maintained with exercise and a healthy diet, long term studies of 9 years with results still evident. If weight is gained, however, the residual living fat cells can expand to fill the sculpted area.

Does CoolSculpting tighten the skin?

No. CoolSculpting is useful to remove excess isolated fat deposits and does not tighten the skin. If you have loose skin as well as fat deposits, then this treatment can be combined with Ultherapy Skin Tightening to give you the best results.

Is CoolSculpting safe? Are there any side effects?

This is a non-invasive procedure invented by Harvard University scientists and approved by both the FDA (USA) and TGA (Australian) authorities for fat reduction treatment. The procedure and science have been rigorously tested, and side effects are very rare.

You can expect the area to be a little red and tingling for a day or two after the procedure.

Bruising can occur, especially if you take fish-oil supplements or anti-inflammatory medications.

Prolonged tenderness or numbness of the treated area is rare, usually mild, and usually subsides over a week to a month.

How does CoolSculpting differ from other fat freezing procedures?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that imitator fat freezing treatments are the same as CoolSculpting. How is CoolSculpting different?

  1. Latest technology: CoolSculpting is the original patented technology developed by Harvard Scientists and the procedure has been rigorously tested and supported by numerous scientific publications. CoolSculpting regularly update their software and applicators to improve comfort and results, and always stay at the forefront of this technology. Other fat freezing machines have copied some of the technology, but are not supported by this wealth of research, data and development.
  2. Safety: CoolSculpting machines have a computer system and advanced sensors which constantly monitor both the skin temperature and suction to ensure a safe procedure.
  3. Training: CoolSculpting clinicians are certified and extensively trained in the procedure, ensuring patient safety and achieving the best possible results.

Where can I get Coolsculpting Brisbane?

Elysium Skin Centre was the only clinic in Brisbane to provide CoolAdvantage Plus and CoolPetite applicators, allowing us to freeze double the area in almost half the time. Contact us on 07 3214 1400 to book an appointment and visit our clinic in Herston, Brisbane.


The final word on CoolSculpting by Dr Csilla

Let’s face it, most of us have some area of our body that we are not happy with and would like to see reduced. CoolSculpting offers an effective, nonsurgical option to those with stubborn fat deposits. I have personally tried CoolSculpting and found it to be comfortable and with absolutely no downtime. It offers an economical and effective alternative to liposuction in suitable individuals.

Dr Novak, Brisbane Cosmetic Skin Specialist

Why choose Elysium Skin Centre for your CoolSculpting treatment?

Like all other procedures that we provide at Elysium, Dr Csilla has chosen the latest technology in CoolSculpting (CoolAdvantage) to give you the best possible results, while remaining focussed on providing a comfortable and relaxed environment for your treatment. This new technology treats larger areas of fat in almost half the time and with greater comfort than traditional CoolSculpting, yet costs you no more than the old technology. It really is a no-brainer!