Double Chin Fat Dissolving Injections

“Rediscover your neck and jawline without the need for surgery.”


Fat dissolving injection treatment for a double chin is available in Brisbane at Elysium™ Skin Centre. Dr Csilla is one of the first select group of doctors in Australia to be trained and authorised in the use of this revolutionary new treatment.

Available in the USA since 2014, the active ingredient deoxycholic acid has different trade names in the US and Australia.  Under Australian TGA rules, we cannot name the product, however, it has been clinically proven to dissolve fat and is approved by the TGA for the removal of fat deposits under the chin and jaw (submental fat).

This non-surgical treatment effectively reduces a fatty neck, reshaping and defining the jawline and chin, producing a more sculpted and youthful profile.  While liposuction remains the gold standard, more than 75% of patients report a satisfactory result with fat dissolving injection treatment.

Quick facts about double chin treatment

  • Liposuction is the traditional invasive, surgical treatment
  • Fat dissolving injections and CoolSculpt mini are effective non-surgical options
  • 2-4 treatments are usually needed with fat-dissolving injections
  • Best results are seen 2-3 months after a few treatments
  • Bruising and swelling will always occur with fat-dissolving injections
  • Fat-dissolving injections and CoolSculpt have lower cost, less down time and less risk than liposuction
  • CoolSculpt mini is the most economical treatment for double chin with the least down-time

What are fat dissolving injections and how do they work?

Fat dissolving injections contain deoxycholic acid (DCA), a naturally occurring substance in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the subcutaneous fat, DCA causes permanent destruction of the fat cells, which can no longer store or accumulate fat.

Before and After images

Elysium skin centre fat comparison


Why choose Fat dissolving injections over other treatments?

Dr Csilla will discuss the various treatment options with you.

Liposuction is the traditional surgical method for fat removal, but is expensive, invasive, has long down-time and recovery, and higher risk.

Fat dissolving injections are a quick, non-surgical treatment, with less down-time, and a gradual but long-lasting result. They are not cheap and usually require at least two treatments. They are best used for moderate to severe submental fat deposits.

TruSculpt is a good alternative in many cases. It is quick, non-invasive, relatively comfortable, has short down-time and is relatively inexpensive. It generally requires only 1-2 treatments for a gradual but long-lasting result. It is not suitable in cases of prominent skin laxity.

How are fat dissolving injections given and how many treatments are required?

The treatment is given as a series of small injections directly into the fat under the neck, and is tailored specifically to the anatomy and fullness of your neck.  It is not a one-off treatment, with most patients needing 2-4 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

After an initial consultation with Dr Csilla to assess your suitability for the treatment, you will have a baseline photograph taken of the front and side profile of your neck. This will be used for later comparison. Your neck will then be cleaned and a temporary marking grid (a series of dots) will be applied allowing Dr Csilla to determine the specific site and the number of injections needed. This will allow her to give you an accurate quote of the cost. The average dose is 4-6mls (2-3 vials).

Ice is applied to the treated area prior to the procedure and then a series of ultra-fine injections are performed following the grid-line. After the injections ice will be applied to your neck again for about 10 – 20 minutes to reduce the local discomfort. Paracetamol can also help, and we have happy gas (nitrous oxide) for those who might need it.

You will be in the clinic for about 60 minutes in total for the first consultation and treatment. Subsequent treatments will take about 30-45 minutes.

What do I do after the fat dissolving treatment?

You can expect to have some swelling (the more the better!) and tenderness of the treated area which will gradually resolve over the next few days to a week. Post treatment analgaesia is usually not required, with most patients actually experiencing a sensation of numbness which may last a few days to weeks. There is usually some bruising at the injection sites which can be covered with makeup.

Do NOT massage the area for 72 hours.

Do NOT exercise for a few days.

You will return to the clinic at 6-8 weeks for assessment and follow up treatment. Results will not be visible for at least 6 weeks, and may not be visible until after the 2nd or 3rd treatment sessions.

How long does the treatment last?

Fat dissolving injections produce permanent loss of fat cells as demonstrated by long term studies (of 5 or more years).  However, fluctuations in weight can cause residual fat to increase or decrease in volume.

How much does it cost?

Initial consultations with Dr Csilla are $200. A complimentary assessment can also be booked with Nurse Fay.

The cost of the procedure depends on the number of injections needed for the size and area of submental fat and the number of treatment sessions needed to achieve the desired results. You will need at least 1-2 vials and at least 2 treatment sessions. Dr Csilla will give you an accurate quote at the time of consultation.

The cost to treat small fat deposit under chin is $396.00 per treatment

Call (07) 3214 1400 for an appointment or more information, or email

Are there any side effects?

Bruising, local swelling, tenderness and redness are expected with this treatment and are not considered side effects. They are not usually severe and resolve over 4-7 days. Numbness and tingling of the area is also usual for 2-3 weeks following treatment.

Uncommon side effects include:

Persistent tenderness up to 8 weeks

Persistent numbness up to 8 weeks

Local skin ulceration

Small areas of skin hardness

Temporary marginal mandibular nerve damage has been reported in up to 4% of cases resulting in a crooked smile. This almost always resolves within 4 months.

Allergy to the drug

Temporary difficulty with swallowing (due to swelling or allergy)

Is this a treatment for loose neck skin?

No. Skin laxity under the chin and crepey skin on the neck is best treated with surgery or nonsurgical tightening treatments such as Ultherapy. Fat dissolving injections effectively reduce double chin fat but they are not designed specifically to tighten the skin. In some individuals, however, the associated inflammatory reaction stimulates collagen production, enhancing the visual effect of a more sculpted jawline.

The final word on double chin fat-dissolving injections by Dr Csilla

The best method to treat a double chin depends on the size of your neck and fat deposit, your budget and any restrictions you have on downtime. Fat-dissolving injections are an effective non-surgical method of treating moderate degrees of double chin.  They are quick to perform and don’t have the downtime of liposuction, but they are uncomfortable and are relatively expensive. TruSculpt remains the most economical method of treating a double chin and has the least downtime.

Dr Novak, Brisbane Cosmetic Skin Specialist

Why choose Elysium Skin Centre for your fat-dissolving injections?

Dr Csilla is an experienced, skilful and respected Cosmetic Physician. She is artistic and meticulous, and regularly receives referrals from plastic surgeons and dermatologists for injectable procedures. Dr Csilla was one of the first Australian Cosmetic Physicians trained in using fat dissolving injections. With more than 20 years’ experience in cosmetic medicine, she will ensure that you achieve the best possible results while always being focussed on your comfort, safety and well-being.