Dr Adam Osborne

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Dr Adam Osborne

  • MBBS, Dip AC (Nanjing)
  • Cosmetic Physician
  • Acupuncturist

Dr Adam hails from Byron Bay and has 35 years experience in General Practice and Emergency Medicine. He has a long held interest in the integration of traditional and holistic medicine into western medical practice.

Dr Adam has studied acupuncture and herbal medicine in China and Japan, subsequently becoming an Academic Member of the Toyohari Acupuncture Society. He visits Japan annually to study with the Sensei, and has taught both cosmetic and traditional procedures in Australia and Bali.

Dr Adam Osborne

Dr Adam has practiced Cosmetic Medicine for more than 15 years and has his own cosmetic practice, Jab Clinic, in Byron Bay. He focuses mainly on injectables (anti-wrinkle and filler procedures) and utilises his understanding of acupuncture, anatomy and the fascial envelopes of the face and body to maximise and perfect his anti-aging treatments.

Dr Adam’s experience and results in integrating Eastern and Western techniques are now offered at Elysium Skin Centre. He is available for both cosmetic and acupuncture consultations and procedures. Never satisfied with standing still, Dr Adam is also training in Laser medicine at Elysium.

Call (07) 3214 1400 now to book a consultation with Dr Adam Osborne, or book online here.