Dr Hugo Pin

Dr Hugo Pin

  • Specialist General Practitioner
  • Vein Doctor
  • Cosmetic Physician

Dr Hugo Pin is a specialist General Practitioner with particular expertise in ultrasound, vein treatment and cosmetic medicine.

Dr Hugo obtained his primary medical qualification in France (1989) before completing a Diploma of Ultrasound in Medicine and subsequently focussing on the treatment of vein disease and cosmetic medicine.

Dr Hugo practiced in France before settling in Australia in 2006 where he obtained his FRACGP. He has attended multiple advanced training courses, and has certificates in procedural phlebology, advanced aesthetic medicine, skin cancer and liposuction. Dr Hugo holds multiple professional memberships with the Australian and American societies and colleges of aesthetic medicine and phlebology.

In addition to treating all vein diseases (including varicose veins, reticular veins and spider veins), Dr Pin also performs advanced cosmetic procedures including non-surgical facelift (‘thread lift”), filler injections, anti-wrinkle injections, laser / ipl treatments and liposuction.

Dr Hugo runs Elysium Vein Clinic and is available for all vein and cosmetic consultations and procedures at Elysium Skin Centre on Wednesdays.

Call (07) 3214 1400 now to book a consultation with Dr Hugo Pin, or contact us to book an appointment.