Jowl Thread Lift Brisbane

Jowl Thread Lift Brisbane

At Elysium Skin Centre in Brisbane, Dr Hugo and Dr Ange have been improving sagging jowls with a procedure commonly referred to as a “Thread Lift”. This is one of our most popular treatments for jowls so we wanted to provide you with more information about this effective procedure.


What are jowls?

Jowls are the lower part of the cheek which become fuller with age and droop below the jawline. Often referred to as “heavy” jowls or “sagging” jowls, this extra skin can make you look tired, sad and prematurely aged.


What causes jowls?

Sagging jowls are usually caused by a loss of elastin and collagen within your skin, by weakening of the ligaments that hold the tissue of the face up, and by an accumulation of fat in this area. Elastin and collagen are proteins that form the normal connective tissue within your body and allow the skin to remain firm and resist stretch.

Loss of elastin and collagen usually starts from the age of 25. This results in increasing laxity of the skin with loss of support from the deeper tissues producing pockets of fat or “jowls” which descend with gravity on both sides of the face.


How can I get rid of jowls?

There are a few non-surgical options available depending upon the severity of the problem. Non-invasive procedures such as ultherapy are great to treat mild to moderate skin laxity around the jawline. Heavier jowls, however, will benefit the most from either a jowl thread lift (which is minimally invasive) or a surgical face-lift. Dermal fillers are commonly used in conjunction with both of these procedures to replace and re-distribute volume, assisting the lift.


What is a jowl thread lift?

A jowl thread lift is performed in our Brisbane skin centre using local anaesthetic. It is a minimally invasive treatment where “threads”, which are like suture material with microscopic barbs, are passed through the skin in multiple places around the cheek and jawline. As these threads are pulled back out at a higher level and tightened, the sagging skin is lifted up and the “jowl” is repositioned to create a sharper, more defined jawline.

There are different types of threads available in Australia (including several from China which we do not use). We offer both Silhouette Soft® and Mint® threads, two high quality surgical products from the USA and Korea. At the time of initial consultation, Dr Hugo or Dr Ange will determine the most suitable type of threads for your skin and the number of threads needed to achieve the best lifting effect. For many patients we combine thread lift with dermal fillers to address volume loss in the cheek area. This helps with the non-surgical “lift” and creates a more natural contoured shape.


What are the advantages of having a jowl thread lift instead of a face-lift?

The biggest advantage for most patients in having a non-surgical jowl thread lift is the reduced recovery time. A face-lift procedure usually involves a general anaesthetic, excision and suturing, with recovery time usually lasting about two weeks for the bruising and swelling to settle.

Recovery from a thread lift, on the other hand, is relatively quick and easy. Most patients drive themselves home after the procedure. Many can return to work immediately, as they only have a little swelling and redness. Some patients will see visible bruising which can be covered with makeup. Strong pain medication is rarely needed after a thread lift and most patients are able to return to their normal routine within a few days.

A few simple precautions are generally taken, such as not rubbing the face vigorously or stretching the facial skin for a week and keeping the head propped up slightly while sleeping.


Are there any risks with a jowl thread lift?

Thread lift is a lower risk procedure compared to surgery as it is only minimally invasive. There is a small risk of significant bruising, infection, puckering or dimpling of the skin, uneven contour and minor scarring at the entry point. These complications are all easily managed and will usually settle completely over time.


Who should get a jowl thread lift?

This procedure is best suited to patients in their 30’s to 50’s who have moderate jowls and who wish to avoid surgery.  It is also suited to those who are unable to have surgery due to health conditions (high blood pressure, type two diabetes etc.).


How long will my jowl thread lift last?

Patients can expect the results of this procedure to last from between one to three years. The duration and extent of the lift does vary from patient to patient and over time due to many factors. Thread jowl lift can be repeated as many times as necessary to continue to maintain and improve the jawline.


Can I combine this treatment with other treatments for my sagging jowls?

Absolutely!  Due to the very short recovery time, we often combine thread jowl lift with other nonsurgical treatments to create even more noticeable results.  We actually recommend combination therapy for skin tightening and lifting as this has been shown to be more effective than using only one method of treatment.

A great option is ultherapy, usually performed 2-3 months after thread lifting. Ultherapy utilises micro-focused ultrasound energy to produce controlled heating of collagen within the deeper tissues, to lift and tighten loose skin. The ULTHERA® (the Ultherapy machine) is TGA registered in Australia to achieve this effect on the skin

Dermal fillers are used to replace some of the volume loss associated with the ageing process. This volume loss is seen initially in the cheeks, mostly as fat loss. Less volume to support the skin allows more laxity to occur and a jowl to form. There is also volume loss of bone along the jawline so fillers are injected behind and in front of a jowl to hide it.

Muscle relaxers can help achieve a “jowl lift” too, by weakening the platysma muscle in the neck which blunts the jawline when it is overactive. This results in a sharpening of the jawline and a less visible sagging jowl.

By using a combination of non-surgical anti-aging treatments it is possible to achieve very positive changes in your appearance without the higher risks and extended recovery time associated with surgery.


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