Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Brisbane

Elysium Skin Centre is a specialized cosmetic medicine and laser therapy clinic accredited with Queensland Health, not a beauty salon. Our focus is on safety and results. All permanent hair removal is tailored according to the patient’s skin type, hair type and location. The procedures are only performed by our Nurses under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Csilla Novak.

Our Cutera Prowave 770 is a medical grade IPL which produces wavelengths equivalent to Alexandrite and diode lasers, and near Nd:Yag laser. It is the gold standard in IPL permanent hair removal and has the power to effectively clear hair permanently while remaining safe for the surrounding skin.

To ensure comfort and safety, the Cutera Prowave has a chill tip set at 5 oC which effectively cools the skin by direct contact before, during and after each IPL shot. Other systems utilize a short blast of cold air or have no cooling function at all. While a sensation like a rubber band snapping on the skin may be felt with each shot, laser hair removal is very well tolerated (even by men!) and is far less painful than waxing.

Clinical studies have shown that the Cutera Prowave 770 can produce an 80% reduction in hairs in some patients after just 3 treatments. Results, however, vary significantly according to hair colour and thickness, location of treatment area, skin type and level of tanning. In addition, medical and hormonal factors may also have an effect on the degree and permanency of laser hair removal. On average we find that 6 treatments result in a high level of permanent hair reduction, while some patients may need 8-10 treatments to achieve this level. Red, grey and blonde hairs will not respond to any form of IPL or laser hair removal, and fine vellus hairs can also be difficult to treat with any modality. All of these issues will be discussed with you during the consultation and assessment prior to laser hair removal.


  • No sunburn or spray tans in the 2 weeks prior to appointment.
  • No retinoids applied to face area or décolletage prior to appointment.
  • Bikini line must be shaved by patient prior to treatment.


Area Treated Price (from)
Single treatment
Incl. GST
3 treatments
Incl. GST
6 treatments
Incl. GST
Between brows $65 $175 $312
Bikini line $85 $230 $408
Bikini line & inner thigh $165 $445 $792
Chin & upper lip (female) $75 $202 $360
Chin only (female) $60 $162 $288
Chin, upper lip & neck (female) $115 $310 $552
Full face (male/female) – beard $140 $378 $672
Side burns $60 $162 $288
Snail trail $70 $189 $336
Underarms $85 $230 $408
Upper legs/bikini line $255 $688 $1224
Upper lip only $60 $162 $288

Laser / IPL Hair Removal FAQ

What do I need to do before my Laser Hair Removal appointment?

There are some things you need to do (and avoid doing) in preparation for your laser hair removal appointment in order to get the best results:

  • Shave area prior to treatment as close as possible (between 12-24hrs prior)
  • Exfoliate area prior to treatment (between 1-3 days prior)
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure on treatment area (between 1-2 weeks prior)
  • Avoid self tanning on treatment area (2 weeks prior)
  • Avoid waxing, plucking or using hair removal creams on area (4 weeks prior)
  • Avoid chemical peels or other laser treatments on area (4 weeks prior)

Who can get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types. However, there are a few circumstances to take into consideration such as:

  • Under 18s: Your hair growth is still developing so we do not recommend laser hair removal for people under the age of 18
  • Pregnant women: There are currently no conclusive studies to confirm whether laser hair removal is safe or unsafe for pregnant women. We recommend you talk to your GP before booking your laser hair removal treatment
  • People with epilepsy: We offer eye protection to ensure your safety during your treatment, however we recommend you talk to your GP before booking your laser hair removal treatment
  • People with tattoos on treatment area: Unfortunately it is not possible to perform laser hair removal over the top of tattoos as the pigment can be affected. We can only treat the surrounding areas
  • People taking certain medications: Some medications (ie vitamin A, antibiotics, some anti-depressants) can cause your skin to be more sensitive and reactive to the treatment. We recommend you talk to your GP before booking your laser hair

How frequently do I need to get Laser Hair Removal?

How often you need to have laser hair removal treatments will depend on a number of factors including your:

  • Hair type
  • Skin type
  • Area being treated

We usually recommend a treatment every 4-6 weeks to start with. Once the hair has been significantly reduced, usually after 6-10 treatments, many people drop back to maintenance treatments once every 2 or 3 months.

Does Laser / IPL Hair Removal hurt?

Laser hair removal involves a series of light pulses to the skin which feel like quick, hot zaps, A good description is “a flick of a rubber band“. The IPL tip has a cooling crystal to reduce any discomfort, and after treatment we apply a skin calming lotion. You may experience a slight tingling sensation which disappears within an hour or so.

What aftercare is involved for Laser Hair Removal?

Fortunately, laser hair removal does not require any downtime, and you may return to your regular activities. However, we recommend that you avoid sun exposure to the treatment area for a week following your laser hair removal treatment for best recovery.

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is an extremely effective treatment option for permanent reduction of hair. However, no clinic can guarantee 100% permanent hair removal. Hair regrowth may be affected by hormones and varies for each individual. A few new hairs may grow in subsequent years.

I have added IPL because we don’t use a laser for hair removal, we only have an IPL machine which works just as well. Patients don’t know the different between laser and IPL but I make the distinction when I talk to them. Most people Google Laser Hair removal not IPL Hair removal so we should use the term Laser Hair removal but the content can describe IPL

Why choose Elysium Skin Centre for Laser Hair Removal Brisbane?

Elysium Skin Centre uses a state of the art ASAP microplus+ machine to gently exfoliate dead skin and unblock clogged pores for a younger, rejuvenated look. Book in today for a consultation with Dr Csilla Novak and her team. With her training in dermatology and more than 20 years’ experience, you can be assured that you are in safe, professional and caring hands.

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