Skin Peels

Out with the old and in with the new!

Elysium skin centre skin peel

Skin peels use a range of natural products to remove old, dead skin cells which are then replaced by fresh, new skin. They are a quick, effectiveand economical procedure that can be used at any age to clear and brighten the skin, improve skin tone and texture, reduce acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and even out pigmentation. At Elysium Skin Centre in Brisbane, we only offer clinical grade products and treatments.

What skin conditions can be treated with skin peels?

  • Acne and skin congestion
  • Ageing, sun-damage, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dry, dull, dehydrated skin
  • Irregular pigmentation

What are the benefits of skin peels?

  • Refresh skin tone and texture by exfoliating dead skin cells.
  • Stimulate cell turnover and collagen production resulting in anti-ageing benefits
  • Clear congestion, breakouts and blackheads, which is beneficial for acne or breakout prone skin
  • Reduce pigmentation, age spots and sun damage resulting in a brighter and more even skin tone.

Types of skin peels offered at Brisbane’s Elysium Skin Centre

Elysium Skin Centre offers a range of clinical grade peels suitable for various skin types and skin conditions. These include Retinoic acid (Vitamin A), L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Glycolic acid (AHA), Lactic acid (Milk), Salicylic acid (BHA)and Trichloracetic acid (TCA) based peels. Our staff will advise you on the best Skin Peel for your skin type.


How is a skin peel performed?

After your initial complimentary skin assessment with one of our professional staff, a treatment plan will be tailored to your specific skin type and condition.

On the day of the skin peel, your makeup will be removed and you will be made comfortable on a treatment bed. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed of dirt and oils and then the peel is brushed onto the skin and left to process. This processing time generally ranges from 3min – 10mins depending on skin tolerance and recovery time.The skin will feel prickly, tingly or even a burning sensation may be experienced. During this time a handheld fan can cool the skin and make the procedure more comfortable. Some peels require to be left on overnight before removal.

The peel is then usually neutralised to stop it’s chemical reaction, after which the discomfort settles and cooling and soothing moisturisers are applied. Our post care regimen always includes a zinc basedsunscreen, plus makeup can also be applied.

What should I expect after a skin peel treatment?

Skin peels, dependant on their active ingredients and concentration, range from mild (with minimal to no downtime) to deep (with more significant downtime).

Post treatment effects vary from mild redness and slight skin scaling lasting one to two days, to more significant redness, swelling and skin shedding which can last up to a week.Our therapists will advise you of the usual effects and tailor the peel and treatment to your specific requirements.

You will need to avoid swimming and exercise for a few days to a week, and will need to apply sunscreen and stay out of the sun.

We stock healing breathable foundation that can be applied post treatment should you need to cover up, and a range of professional mineral makeup and sunscreens.

What is the cost of a skin peel?

The cost depends on the type of peel applied.

Milk Peel (glycolic and lactic) – $95

Lactic or Salicylic Peel (AHA / BHA) –  $95

Vitamin A peel – $150

TCA peel (Dr Csilla only) – $440.00

The final word on Skin Peels by Dr Csilla

Skin Peels are an economical and relatively gentle form of skin rejuvenation. They are suitable for younger patients who don’t need more aggressive laser, for those who are maintaining their skin between laser treatments, and for those who are simply on a tighter budget.

Dr Novak, Brisbane Cosmetic Skin Specialist

Why choose Elysium Skin Centre for your Skin Peels?

Elysium Skin Centre is a specialised cosmetic medicine centre, not a beauty salon. Dr Csilla has chosen a range of clinical grade skin peels tailored specifically to treat a range of skin types and skin conditions. From gentle peels for a refreshing glow on sensitive skin, to peels designed to reduce acne, treat pigmentation and reduce scarring. All patients are thoroughly assessed prior to peels being applied. We also have a broad range of medical-grade skincare and mineral makeup to complement your treatment.