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“Reduce lines and wrinkles for a natural, more youthful appearance.”

Dynamic skin wrinkles on the face (expression lines) are caused by the contraction of specific facial muscles. Over time these wrinkles and lines can become permanent. Anti-wrinkle injections can dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the forehead (brow lines), the glabella (frown lines), around the eyes (crow’s feet) and around the mouth (smile lines and smokers lines). In addition, muscle relaxant injections can be used in the lower part of the face and neck to treat a down-turned mouth, sharpen the jawline (Nefertiti Lift), and prevent neck cords.

The treatment is safe and effective and has been used for cosmetic purposes for more than two decades.
Dr Csilla has been performing this procedure for the past 15 years and is a trainer for the advanced use of these products.


What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are tiny injections of a protein produced by a specific bacteria. It is manufactured and purified under sterile conditions in pharmaceutical laboratories in the USA, UK and Europe. TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) rules prevent us from naming the drug and the manufacturers but Dr Csilla uses all three brands of muscle relaxant injections available in Australia.

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How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

The purified protein in anti-wrinkle injections attaches to muscle nerve endings and temporarily blocks signal transmission to the target muscle. This reduces muscle contraction which leads to a reduction in wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax specific facial muscles that cause expression lines and wrinkles. Once the muscles are relaxed, these lines gradually smooth out and, with repeated use over time, some lines can disappear completely (eg. frown lines). Regular treatment also prevents new lines from forming.

What should I expect during anti-wrinkle treatment?

At Elysium™ Skin Centre, Dr Csilla will consult with you to determine your goals and how best to achieve them. For first-time patients this will involve a thorough examination and assessment of your skin and facial features, developing a treatment plan specifically tailored to you.

Treatment involves a number of tiny injections into selected facial muscles. The needles are ultra-fine (Dr Csilla uses the finest gauge needles available in Australia). Only a very small volume of product is injected at each site. The dose is dependent on the size and strength of contraction of the muscles.

The number of injections will depend on the areas you wish to have treated. Commonly there would be 5 injections for the frown lines, 6-10 injections for forehead lines, 4 injections for crow’s feet (each side) and 4 injections for lines around the mouth.

The whole procedure lasts from 5-15 minutes

The effects of anti-wrinkle injections are usually seen after 4-6 days, and may take up to 2 weeks for maximum effect.

Does anti-wrinkle treatment hurt?

The needles are ultrafine and very sharp. Any discomfort is minimal and brief, and most people do not require any form of anaesthesia at all. Ice can be applied to the site before the injections to alleviate any stinging. Alternatively, anaesthetic cream can be applied a 1/2 hour prior to the procedure to minimize discomfort.

What do I do after my anti-wrinkle treatment?

Most people will return to work or continue their general activities immediately. There are some basic precautions you should take after treatment to reduce the risk of side effects and to get the best results:

  • Apply ice if there is any discomfort, swelling or bruising.
  • Exercise the treated muscles for the first hour after treatment.
  • Do not lie down or do strenuous exercise for 4 hours after treatment.
  • Do not rub or massage the treated areas nor have a facial for 24 hours after treatment

How long does anti-wrinkle treatment last?

Generally the effects will last 3-4 months at which time the muscles will gradually regain their contraction. With repeated treatment the muscles will become weaker and the effects will then commonly last a little longer.

Are there any side effects of anti-wrinkle treatments?

Brisbane anti-wrinkle treatment is an extremely safe procedure when performed by experienced clinicians. Side effects are rare and, if they do occur, they are only temporary. Most patients can have the procedure performed in a lunch break and be back at work without their co-workers even noticing.

Occasionally new users may experience a mild headache, relieved with paracetamol.

Minor swelling and redness at the injection site is common. It usually resolves within about 45 minutes. Minor bruising at the injection site is also common. Both of these can be minimized with the use of ice.

Less than 1% of patients experience temporary and reversible eyelid droop or eyebrow drop.

Injections around the mouth may result in a temporary and minor effect on speech and drinking.

Local infection at the injection sites is very rare.

Dr Csilla will discuss these side effects with you at the time of consultation.

Advanced muscle relaxer techniques

Dr. Csilla is certified in all forms of advanced muscle relaxant injection techniques including:

  • Brow lift injections
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Nose tip lift
  • Downturned mouth injections (depressor angular oris muscle)
  • Chin dimpling
  • Masseter muscle (bruxism & teeth grinding) / Jawline slimming
  • Nerfertiti Lift
  • Platysmal Band (neck cord) treatment of neck

How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?

The price (per unit) varies depending upon the volume and brand of product used as well as who does the injections. Injections with Nr Fay attract a 10% discount.

We stock all three brands of muscle relaxer available in Australia. There is a minimum fee of $110 per session; however, beyond this you will only be charged for the actual amount of product used and you will not pay for excess product that you don’t need. The higher the volume (or number of units) of muscle relaxer used, the less per unit cost. Dr Csilla will give you an accurate quote at the time of consultation. Initial consultations with Dr Csilla are $200. Contact us to book your Brisbane anti-wrinkle treatment.

Our prices may be a little higher per unit than at budget cosmetic clinics, however, at Elysium™ you will receive the experience and expertise of Dr Csilla, you are guaranteed of receiving the authentic product (see “a cautionary note”), and you will not be charged for excess product that you don’t need.

A cautionary note about illegal cosmetic injectors

Anti-wrinkle injections are prescription-only medicines (S4 drugs) that can only be legally prescribed by a doctor after a face to face consultation. It is also illegal in Australia to advertise the name of the drug or the manufacturer. Recently there have been cases of fake anti-wrinkle medication being sourced from China and from non-approved manufacturers. Only doctors are allowed to buy these medicines directly from the Australian distributors.

Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous “cosmetic injectors” who are illegally advertising, obtaining and injecting these drugs. There are even examples of these injections being given at beauty salons, hair salons and dental clinics without any medical consultation or assessment.

At Elysium™ Skin Centre, all patients receive a detailed consultation and assessment with Dr. Csilla. She personally performs most of the injecting, and Nr Fay also injects under Dr Csilla’s supervision and guidance. We buy the medications directly from the manufacturers’ Australian distributors, so you will always receive the authentic product.

The final word on Brisbane anti-wrinkle Treatments by Dr Csilla

Muscle relaxant injections are the first-line anti-aging treatment that most of us reach for. They produce quick, reliable and effective reduction in lines and wrinkles, and help prevent more wrinkles appearing. I honestly couldn’t do without them! They are often combined with dermal filler injections to achieve the most natural and youthful appearance. In many cases, other therapies such as LaseMD Ultra, Ultherapy and Genius RF are used in conjunction with muscle relaxant injections to achieve a more permanent reduction in lines and wrinkles.

Dr Novak, Brisbane Cosmetic Skin Specialist

Why choose Elysium™ Skin Centre for your Brisbane anti-wrinkle treatment?

Experience and training count for everything in the cosmetic industry. Dr Csilla is a respected Cosmetic Physician and is the current Qld representative of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia. With her dermatology training and more than 20 years’ experience in cosmetic medicine, Dr Csilla will ensure that you achieve a natural and refreshed look. Treating your wrinkles (and advising you on how to prevent them) is just one aspect of facial rejuvenation. Dr Csilla will also advise on treatment of pigmentation and skin tone, sun damage, redness and other blemishes to achieve the best possible overall results for you.