Elysium™ “Vitamin Me” Medifacials

The perfect “me time” experience

Elysium™ “Vitamin Me” Medifacials

High performance medi-facials tailored to your skin type & concerns. All medi-facials include a double cleanse, tailored exfoliation, relaxing face, neck & décolletage massage, pressure point scalp massage and mask therapy. The perfect “me time” experience to relax whilst we give your skin some TLC.

Anti-Ageing Cellular Repair $290 (60 minutes)

A high performance medi-facial designed to combat signs of premature ageing due to environmental factors.


Barrier Soothe $290 (60 minutes)

A restoring medi-facial working on barrier repair to soothe, calm & heal inflamed, reddened or sensitive skin.


Radiance Glow $290 (60 minutes)

A targeted medi-facial designed to hydrate & brighten dull skin. Suitable for all skin types.


Balance & Purify $290 (60 minutes)

A deep cleansing medi-facial designed to target oily, congested skin & restore balance.

Enhance Your Medi-Facial

Enhance your Medi-facial with the following additions.

  • LED Light Therapy $65
  • Microdermabrasion $110
  • Skin peel $110