Elysium™ Skin Centre

Medical Director

Dr Csilla Novak

MBBS, FCPCA | Cosmetic Physician

Dr Csilla Novak is a medical doctor practicing exclusively in Cosmetic and Laser Medicine. She is a Fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia and the QLD representative for the CPCA. She strongly advocates professional and ethical practice in the cosmetic industry. Dr Csilla has undergone four years of Dermatology training and has twenty five years of clinical experience in all aspects of skin rejuvenation, cosmetic medicine, laser medicine and injectables.

Elysium skin centre Csilla Novak

Why choose Brisbane’s Elysium™ Skin Centre?

Dr Csilla believes that good medicine is based on thorough knowledge, communication and the core values of trust, honesty and integrity. Achieving the best cosmetic outcomes requires an artistic eye, expert training, precision and incorporation of the latest techniques and technology. Dr Csilla also believes that the cosmetic journey is equally important as the outcome. She established Elysium Skin Centre to give her patients the best possible experience while focusing on providing the highest standard of care and expertise in cosmetic medicine and laser therapy. Her clinic and staff reflect her values and philosophy. She has created a welcoming and relaxing environment in which to practice skin and body rejuvenation in a holistic manner.




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