Do You Have Broken Capillaries On Your Face?

Broken Capillaries on Face

Do You Have Broken Capillaries On Your Face?

Broken capillaries are extremely common and therefore are known by multiple names. Some people call them spider veins, and others call them broken blood vessels. Have you noticed some little red lines or dots on your face that resemble spiderwebs? They could be broken capillaries. The good news is that they are easily treatable. In fact, many people – both men and women – come to us to help get rid of these annoying facial capillaries all the time.

What are broken capillaries? Should I be worried if I have them on my face?

Dilated or broken capillaries are tiny blood vessels that have burst or torn due to excess pressure from the walls of the capillary expanding and contracting quickly. A small amount of blood seeps out from the blood vessel and, because the capillaries are so close to the surface of the skin, this causes visible red dots or web-like blemishes. Broken capillaries are most common on the face – specifically the cheeks and nose – and, while they aren’t harmful, they can be frustrating when they come between you and your clear complexion.

Causes for broken capillaries

The rupture or dilation of capillaries on your face can occur due to any number of reasons. They mostly appear on skin that is thin or dehydrated because weaker skin is vulnerable to more damage. However, other causes for broken capillaries on the face include:

  • Genes – Skin conditions like broken capillaries can be hereditary because of skin that is more susceptible to damage and complexions that are fair or have a pink undertone.
  • Trauma – Trauma to the skin like bruising or popping pimples can cause blood vessels to become enlarged or burst, resulting in the visible red marks on your face associated with broken capillaries.
  • Diet – While your diet doesn’t directly cause broken capillaries, some foods and drinks do dilate your blood vessels like alcohol, caffeine, and spicy food. This can cause the capillaries on your face to enlarge and appear more red and more visible.
  • Age – As you get older, your cell turnover slows and your skin becomes more vulnerable to skin issues such as broken capillaries. With weaker and thinner skin, red undertones can become more visible and dilated capillaries appear more clearly.
  • Weather/climate – In a tropical climate like Queensland, the fluctuating weather conditions and harsh sun can take a toll on your skin and cause broken capillaries to appear on your face. Sudden changes in temperature can also cause your blood vessels to expand and contract, increasing the likelihood of burst capillaries.

Best ways to treat facial broken capillaries

We’ve outlined some of the most common causes for broken capillaries on your face. Now it’s time to talk about ways you can get rid of them. Luckily, it’s usually a very quick and easy process. There are a few options for treating dilated capillaries that are very effective. We recommend either Excel V Laser or Limelight IPL to treat broken capillaries on your face.

Excel V Laser

This treatment involves the use of a precision laser which targets the blood vessel and destroys it quickly. After only a few quick zaps, the blood vessel or capillary is destroyed and you only feel quick hot “flick”. Most Excel V Laser treatments take between 5 and 10 minutes, leaving you with only mild redness and swelling and, in some cases, slight bruising. This typically clears up within a few days, providing you with a glowing clear complexion.

Limelight IPL

Limelight IPL is a treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to target broken capillaries on your face. Usually this treatment is less uncomfortable and offers a shorter recovery time than laser treatments because it doesn’t impact the skin surface. It is very effective at removing broken capillaries and restores your even skin tone once again.
To talk to us about treatment for broken capillaries on your face, call us on (07) 3214 1400 or contact us here.

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