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Temple Fillers

Can temple fillers improve the look of temples?

Your temples are the small flat areas that sit at the outer edge of your eyebrows. When this area is plump and full they help to define and shape your eyebrows, giving the face a more youthful appearance.

The ageing process involves volume loss from the face in the form of fat and bone. This is particularly noticeable in the cheek and temple area and can make the face look gaunt and saggy. The ageing process also results in loss of collagen in the skin. Collagen keeps our skin tight, minimising fine lines and wrinkles and laxity. Hollow temples can also worsen the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

Volume depletion in the temples often begins to accelerate in an individual’s late twenties to early thirties, however it is not usually noticeable until later in life. People who exercise a great deal or are naturally thin, are susceptible to higher volume loss in the temples.

By replacing this lost volume with temple fillers, we can reverse the tired and sometimes sunken look of the ageing face. The effect can be quite subtle while still improving the overall appearance of the face significantly.

Cosmetic treatments for hollow temples in Brisbane?

There are a variety of dermal fillers which can be used to improve the appearance of sunken temples. Longer lasting results can be achieved using thicker fillers which offer good lifting capabilities. The results of volumizing the temples with dermal fillers are instant but some patients may prefer a more gradual effect by building on the volume over a few treatment sessions. Temple fillers can often last for a couple of years.

Temple fillers are like a mini upper facelift without surgery

Our patients often cannot believe how much of a difference temple fillers make, with many saying they feel up to 5 years younger instantly!

When filler is injected it acts like a spongy cushion which re-contours the face, restoring the youthful smooth curves and strengthening the scaffolding of the upper face.

Do filler injections in the temples hurt?

Most patients report little discomfort from filler injections in the temple area. There is generally significantly less discomfort and swelling than experienced with lip filler injections.

To complete the temple filler procedure, we thoroughly clean the skin with antiseptic and use ice to number the skin prior to the injections. The ice also constricts small blood vessels in the area and can reduce the risk of bruising. The dermal filler is injected into the temple hollow often using only a single tiny injection point on each side. Occasionally, one side of the face will require more filler than the other to ensure an even appearance and a second tiny injection may be used to ensure a symmetrical result. The filler also contains a local anaesthetic so the area becomes numb fairly quickly. Most patients find the treatment to be comfortable and relatively pain free.

Some patients experience a slight ache for a few days while chewing due to the injection near the temporalis or “chewing” muscle. Any bruises or swelling will usually resolve within a few days as well.

A tailored approach to hollow temple treatments in Brisbane

As with all therapies available at Elysium Skin Centre, the best treatment for any client is the one tailored to the individual. A strategy of combined treatments can be created to achieve a natural, youthful appearance with results that last much longer than you would expect. Call us today for a temple filler consultation.

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